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‘Talking Trade’ features Port Milwaukee Director Adam Tindall-Schlicht

Adam Tindall-Schlicht, director of Port Milwaukee, talks with Sandi Siegel and Ian Coxhead of "Talking Trade" about new port developments.

“WisBusiness: the Podcast” featuring Sylvia Burgos-Toftness with the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association

This week’s episode of “WisBusiness: the Podcast” features an interview with Sylvia Burgos-Toftness, a board member of the Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association. 

Business execs pitch solutions to end ‘workforce emergency’

Ending the federal unemployment bonus is just the first step in addressing what business association leaders are calling a “workforce emergency.”

First OB-GYN rural residency grad reflects on past four years

The first graduate of a rural residency training program for OB-GYN doctors says her experience over the past four years will shape...

Immigration issues adding to state’s labor shortages, panel says

A panel of industry experts says issues with the U.S. immigration system exacerbate existing labor shortages in Wisconsin.  During...

Investors, startup leaders backing $100 million fund of funds proposal

Startup community leaders and investors alike are looking to rally support for a proposed $100 million state investment in a “fund of...

Kids Forward calling for continued improvement in well-being of children

Despite improvements over the past decade, the advocacy group Kids Forward argues that improving the economic well-being of Wisconsin’s children has stalled. 

Milwaukee lacking resources to grow tech sector, employer says

Milwaukee lacks economic and educational resources needed to develop and retain high-end talent in the technology sector, according to Milwaukee Tool President...

Morgridge Institute virologist shares COVID-era lessons for overcoming the next pandemic

Morgridge Institute for Research Virology Director Paul Ahlquist identifies both research advancements and social science as the key to tackling the next...

Panel: Badger Fund shows private-public funds can lift minority-owned startups

Since its launch in 2015, the Badger Fund of Funds has invested over $3 million in 25 Wisconsin companies with the goal...

UK-US trade could benefit state ag industry

Post-Brexit, the U.K. is writing its own trade agreements that could benefit Wisconsin agriculture. The pandemic’s disruption of the...

UW System officials stepping up efforts to reach underrepresented groups

Officials are ramping up efforts to reach minority and other underrepresented high school graduates and get them to enroll at UW System...

UW-Madison lab researching effects of low-protein diets

Researchers at UW-Madison are exploring the potential positive effects that low-protein diets may have on human health and longevity. 

UW-Madison study connects lower crop diversity with declining bee populations

A recent study from UW-Madison researchers draws a connection between declining crop diversity and dwindling bumble bee populations in the Midwest. 

VC fund CEO calls $100-million state fund proposal a ‘golden opportunity’

Wisconsin seeking a fund of funds is a golden opportunity to do something special -- do it the right way, says Renaissance...

WEDC looking to ramp up tax credit revocation following audit

WEDC officials say they’re looking to pick up the pace on revoking tax credits from businesses that fail to meet the terms...
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