Monday, September 20, 2021
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Talking Trade hosts discuss lawsuit filed to block tariffs

In this episode of "Talking Trade," Prof. Ian Coxhead and M.E. Dey & Co. President Sandi Siegel discuss the lawsuit 3,500 U.S....

Talking Trade compares Trump’s USMCA with NAFTA pact

With Election Day 2020 a few weeks away, Talking Trade's Prof. Ian Coxhead, and M.E. Dey & Co. president Sandy Siegel compare...

Talking Trade: Shanghai trade specialist Atty. Kelvin Ma on Tik-Tok and the U.S. trade...'s Jeff Mayers and Shanghai trade specialist Atty. Kelvin Ma look at how the People's Republic of China views the ban on...

Talking Trade: Is the U.S. and China in a trade war or tech war?

Jeff Mayers of talks with Shanghai attorney and trade consultant Kelvin Ma about whether the U.S. and the People's Republic of...
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