Saturday, October 10, 2020
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Talking Trade compares Trump’s USMCA with NAFTA pact

With Election Day 2020 a few weeks away, Talking Trade's Prof. Ian Coxhead, and M.E. Dey & Co. president Sandy Siegel compare...

Talking Trade: Supply chain disruption one of several impacts of COVID-19

On this week's episode of Talking Trade, UW-Madison Prof, Ian Coxhead and Sandy Siegel, president of M. E. Dey & Co., compare...

Talking Trade: China-U.S. trade in transition

China-U.S. trade is in transition according to UW-Madison Asian trade Prof. Ian Coxhead and M.E. Dey & Co. President Sandi Siegel as President Trump's trade war forces China leader Xi Xinping to focus on growing domestic demand.

Talking Trade: WTO panel finds U.S. tariffs on $200B of Chinese goods illegal

After a recent WTO panel found U.S. tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods illegal, M. E. Dey & Co. President Sandi Siegel and UW-Madison Prof. Ian Coxhead explain the issue in this inaugural episode of "Talking Trade."
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