Talking Trade with Damian Felton of the Cohen Group

In the latest episode of “Talking Trade,” Cohen Group Associate Vice President Damian Felton explains the implications of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act on international commerce. 

The act aims to bolster U.S. prohibitions on importation of goods from the Xinjiang region of China, according to co-host Sandi Siegel of M.E. Dey & Co. Felton explains the law prohibits imports of any products coming from the region or any organization included on a UFLPA list of associated entities. 

“This really stems from the social programs that China is targeting Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang autonomous region that give rise to forced labor … items originating wholely or in part from Xinjiang will be denied entry unless there’s clear and convincing evidence that they were not made with forced labor,” he said. 

He noted information on which projects being stopped isn’t made public, aside from some anecdotal reports of solar panels, men’s apparel and shirts being detained. 

“I think the impacts of UFLPA will increase over time,” Felton said.