TUE AM News: Women in the workforce need support as the pandemic continues; WEDC awards 13 grants to support entrepreneurship programs

— Panelists agree the pandemic is a source of stress and fatigue for many women who have now become stay-at-home mothers and teachers. 

Without positive reinforcement from employers, these women are most likely to experience burn-out at work, speakers told “The Shift,” a virtual series presented by Kohler Co. centering on advancing women’s careers. 

“Women are becoming exhausted, [those] that don’t have a support system,” said Kim Williams, director of operations at Kohler. “I do still think we have pay equity issues in some companies. So the decision that comes is that it’s the female, it’s the woman of the household that should leave the workforce to take on all these extra duties.”

Bianca Shaw, director of the Department of Children and Families’ Office of Urban Development, shared that her niece was recently told by her employer that as the primary caregiver of her children, she would no longer be allowed to work remotely.

“Employers can become understanding,” Shaw said. “Your employees are an extension of your family. When your employees do well, your bottom line does well, your business does well. Employers can continue to being understanding as we have been in this pandemic because taking care of family first is normal.”

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— WEDC has awarded $529,000 in grants to 13 Wisconsin organizations helping small businesses recover from the pandemic.

Twelve of the organizations receiving an entrepreneurship support grant from WEDC will each get between $30,000-$60,000. One organization is getting $3,500. The money will be used to help over 800 entrepreneurs in Wisconsin this year, according to WEDC. 

WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes said all of the organizations that received a grant from the corporation will use the money to target rural communities and communities of color in Wisconsin. Six of the organizations are based in Milwaukee, but recipients range as far north as Rhinelander and as far west as Platteville.

WEDC created the entrepreneurship support grant program to help communities and organizations that may not be eligible for funding through other programs. A second round of grants is currently underway and will focus on helping and developing women, veteran, minority and LGBTQ entrepreneurs across the state.

— Caledonia resident Daniel Hintz and Hintz Real Estate Development Co. withdrew its lawsuit seeking to make Foxconn repay nearly $400 million in municipal spending.

The lawsuit filed in early February in Racine County Circuit Court alleged that Foxconn is in breach of its contract by failing to employ people and construct a Generation 10.5 LCD manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant, Racine County. The suit said the village and county have spent $200 million on land acquisition, $185 million on water and sewer line development, and $12 million on roads to prepare for the project.

The court approved the dismissal request Friday. Foxconn declined to comment on the legal matter citing company policy. 

“Foxconn continues to fulfill its financial obligations under the local development agreement and is proud to be the largest taxpayer in the Village of Mount Pleasant and Racine County,” the company said.

— Gov. Tony Evers is hosting six virtual listening sessions on his budget.

The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee typically does a series of public hearings around the state after the budget is introduced. But the committee has yet to announce plans.

The first of the guv’s virtual sessions is set for March 18 and will focus on “economic recovery and opportunity” with topics such as helping businesses bounce back from the pandemic, providing tax relief for families, and investing in agriculture and rural areas.

The sessions will begin in a large group meeting with participants hearing from Evers and Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. Participants will then be moved to breakout rooms for discussions on various topics. Staff and members of the guv’s cabinet, administrators and lawmakers will be in the breakout rooms as well. Evers and Barnes also will join smaller group discussions.

See more: https://www.wispolitics.com/2021/gov-evers-to-host-six-virtual-badger-bounceback-live-sessions/ 

— The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce is launching a new podcast, “Wisconsin Veterans Forward!” 

The podcast aims to be the premier audio resource for veterans, military families, veteran-owned and veteran-friendly businesses. The episodes will become available via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast and Amazon Music in the coming weeks, according to the chamber.

Listen to the inaugural set of episodes here: https://wvf.buzzsprout.com/?mc_cid=03255ea21c&mc_eid=47db498280 

— The Calumet County Ag Stewardship Alliance is creating a cost-share program to encourage cover crops.

Survey results from the eight farmers who are members of CCASA show that seven of the farmers currently use cover crops on a combined 1,827 acres. Cover crops help improve the health of the soil and prevent erosion and the runoff of phosphorus, according to CCASA.

Five members of CCASA that participated in the survey were able to reduce the amount of land cultivation for their crops by 118 acres. This also helped to reduce erosion and runoff by lessening soil disturbance, according to the survey. 

CCASA is focussing on introducing innovative practices for farmers to protect and improve water quality in Wisconsin. The group is also working to add more members, said President John Schwartz. Currently there are 13 members of the farmer-led conservation group, which started in 2019.

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— The Department of Workforce Development has launched an interactive directory of services to connect Wisconsinites with workforce programs in their area.

The new Directory of Workforce Services provides information online by county for workforce programs provided by DWD, the Wisconsin Technical College System, local workforce development boards, and their contractors and partners.

“Whether they are administered by DWD, local workforce boards, technical colleges, or nonprofits, Wisconsin offers a lot of programs that help people successfully reach their employment goals,” DWD Secretary Amy Pechacek said. “Workforce partners from across the state worked together to combine information about the various opportunities available and present them in one central location to make it easier for people to learn about and access them.”

The pandemic has shifted the way many workforce services are provided. Prior to COVID-19, job seekers and employers were directed to physical Job Center locations to learn about the different workforce services in their area. The new directory offers a virtual list of available services across agencies in an easy-to-use map.

See the directory: http://www.wisconsinjobcenter.org/directory/default.htm 

— Wisconsin is getting high rankings for COVID-19 vaccine administration while keeping daily cases and deaths low.  

The state has put more than 1.7 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in people’s arms. According to DHS’ vaccine dashboard, 10.4 percent of Wisconsinites are fully vaccinated.

More than 18 percent of Wisconsinites — 1 million people — have gotten at least the first dose. Nearly 62 percent of Wisconsinites age 65 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Wisconsin ranks near the top 10 and first among its neighbors for the number of doses administered per 100,000 people, according to the global database Global Change Data Lab. Bloomberg ranks the Badger State No. 1 in the nation in percentage of doses administered. 

The state reported 178 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, the lowest daily total since mid-June, and no new deaths from the virus. This brings Wisconsin’s totals to 566,871 cumulative cases and 6,481 total COVID-19 deaths.

The CDC ranks Wisconsin No. 6 for its average daily case rate in the past seven days per 100,000 people. The Badger State is tied for No. 15 for its COVID-19 seven-day death average.

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