Insulating your egg, and other winter head-scratchers

Question: Are animal furs acceptable winter garb?

Fashion Forward: As I sit here writing this month’s column it is 2 degrees with a wind chill approaching 25 below zero. So time to say a bit more on staying warm this winter.  I think it’s fair to say that it is a common belief that we lose a majority of our body heat through our heads.  With that belief in mind we look to hats, ski bands, earmuffs and the like to keep us comfortable while braving the Wisconsin winter.

Hats are the first thing that come to mind in regards to insulating your egg.  If you do decide to wear a hat be sure that it is outfit appropriate.  This means we ditch the vintage stocking hats with the fluff ball on top, and we’ll keep the jester style snow bunny headgear for the ski hill.  I would love to say that I am a hat expert … but not in this life.  I might suggest Sacred Feather on State Street for all of your questions and head-covering needs.  

As for other head-covering options, consider old-school ear muffs, ski bands, and finally, socks over your ears (Just kidding on that last one).  Getting serious though, I highly suggest the new and improved ear muffs now commonly referred to as 180s.  They provide comfort, warmth, flexibility, and best of all they don’t mess up your hair!

And, if you’re a geek like me, 180s offer built in I-Pod/MP3 headphone holders so you can stay warm and concentrate on the latest Brian Tracy / Trump / Covey audiobooks instead of grooving to the rhythm of the street.  Check out to see all of the styles new styles available.  

Question: Are animal furs acceptable winter garb?

Fashion Forward: Considering we are not in Chicago or New York I can’t imagine that this is an immediate clothing concern; however I offer up my opinion nonetheless.  

I cannot speak to everyone’s personal beliefs on how humane/ inhumane using animal furs is to produce topcoats or other types of clothing. I tailor my answers appropriately — especially if said person has a paint can in hand.  

Furs are definitely eccentric, and in my opinion should only be worn with very dressy clothing when attending lavish events.  That being said, I would recommend a cashmere topcoat wool blend for everyday business situations and the like. This means The North Face, Patagonia, and Columbia ski jackets are to be worn on weekends with a pair of jeans, or paired with your jester hat as mentioned above on the ski hill only — not to the office over your suit, sport coat, etc.

One last suggestion for anyone trying to beat the chill or someone looking for a last minute holiday gift ideas.  There is nothing worse than your eyelashes freezing, your contacts drying up, or being blinded by the reflection of the sun off of the freshly fallen snow.  

For all of these reasons and for the sake of looking and feeling great I can’t stress enough the importance of one or two pairs of high quality sunglasses.  I recommend a classic black pair to start you off; go with a brown or earth-tone pair for your second acquisition.  This way you’ll be able to coordinate the colors with your daily wardrobe selections.  

Here’s a little-known secret for you: If you check out the Macy’s stores that have a Sunglass Hut inside you can now utilize Macy’s coupons to lessen the damage to your wallet when purchasing your next pair of high-quality shades.  

If you happen to live in Madison you can consult Colin McAllister at Macy’s Hilldale.  Just tell him I sent you and he can help suggest a pair or two that will make an excellent complement to your style, life, and wardrobe.  

Happy New Year!