Wisconsin State Education Convention: To unite leaders in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — The 103rd Wisconsin State Education Convention, scheduled for Jan. 17-19 in Milwaukee, brings together education leaders statewide for a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

This convention is the preeminent assembly of education officials in Wisconsin, with anticipated attendance surpassing 3,000. Jointly organized by three associations — composed of Wisconsin school board members, business officials and district administrators — the convention serves as a nexus for collaboration and shared learning.

Distinguished by four nationally acclaimed keynote speakers [ https://wasb.org/meeting-and-events/convention/keynote-speakers/?utm_source=HL&utm_medium=MarketingAutomation&utm_campaign=WisconsinAssociationofSchoolBoards ] and an extensive array of over 70 breakout sessions, primarily led by Wisconsin school districts, this event offers a platform for continuous education. The convention covers a diverse range of topics, including school governance, leadership, facilities, school funding and the pursuit of academic excellence.

Navigating the complexities of school leadership can be daunting, particularly for school board members who may have limited expertise upon taking office. The State Education Convention provides an invaluable opportunity for continuous learning, equipping leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education.

Rosanne Hahn, clerk of the Burlington School Board and president of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, said the convention is “more than an assembly of leaders; it’s a testament to the strength of our interconnected education community.”

“Through diverse discussions and shared insights, we amplify our impact on student success. As school board members, we embrace the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative vision, ensuring that the decisions we make are informed, forward-thinking and in the best interest of every student we serve,” she said.

John Thomsen, superintendent of the Whitefish Bay School District and president of the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators, said successfully navigating the intricacies of school district leadership requires purposeful partnership and collaboration.

“The State Education Convention provides a conducive environment for leaders to share insights, exchange experiences, and unearth effective solutions to the challenges at hand,” he said. “Through our collective gatherings, we recognize the potent impact of our combined wisdom in fostering positive change within Wisconsin’s educational framework.”

Holly Burr, executive director of finance at the Appleton Area School District and president of the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials, notes that effective communication is paramount in the dynamic world of school finance.

“The convention’s unique convergence of school board members, administrators and business officials fosters an environment where we can learn and understand each other’s perspectives,” she said. “This unity strengthens our ability to tackle financial challenges head-on, ensuring that our decisions align with the overarching goal of providing the best possible education for every student in Wisconsin.”

State Superintendent Jill Underly will address convention attendees Wednesday morning.

Check the complete schedule [ https://s23.a2zinc.net/clients/wasb/2024convention/Public/Sessions.aspx?ID=421 ] for the full list of speakers and sessions.

At 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 17, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards will convene its Delegate Assembly. It is composed of one representative from each member school board and each of the state’s 12 cooperative education service agencies. At the assembly, delegates vote on board-submitted resolutions, setting the school board association’s legislative agenda.