Vantage Point: New AI inclusive communications tool

LOS ANGELES (February 16th, 2024) – Vantage Point, the leading immersive (XR-based) training
platform for Gender Equity, Anti-Sexual Harassment and DEIB, has released an AI tool for “Inclusive
Commmunications in Digital Spaces”. The tool is available across MS Teams, Slack, and more. The tool works to tackle biases, disrupt stereotyping, and provide accurate education across race, religion, ageism, disabilities, and gender.

“Ultimately, when we evaluate where we are moving towards as humanity, a lot of it has to do with
education,” comments CEO and Founder, Morgan Mercer. Our tool provides on-the-go immediate
feedback, recommendations and training. The tool is like spell-check but for inclusive communications,
with an element of education, across religion, race, gender, ageism and disability. We both provide
recommendations for how to communicate more inclusively in digital settings, and also provide learnings around why we made the recommendations. It provides an easy way for companies to embed inclusion, while allowing people to easily learn and access information that’s directly relevant to their development. It’s scalable, easy to implement, and allows employees to learn in the moment – rather than hypothetically, or in reflection. We see numerous impactful future applications for this tool, but have started with one near and dear to our hearts – tackling stereotyping, bias, and providing education.

Morgan adds – “There’s a lot of concern around ‘man against the machine’ – and bias being built into AI.
This is why we really need to evaluate who is at the helm of designing with these technologies and what
we’re leveraging the technology for as use cases. Through our AI tool, we are creating a more inclusive future. We don’t believe it has to be humanity against technology – we believe we can utilize technology to elevate human consciousness, and can design with AI intentionally (and ethically).”

The tool has been trained leveraging the unique methodology of Vantage Point’s training programs,
insights from Vantage Point’s platform, and by Vantage Point’s extensive and global team of SMEs
spanning from anthropology, to psychology, to organizational change experts. As an industry expert
across AI, Blockchain, XR and Emerging Mediums, Morgan is well positioned to understand how to
leverage AI for ethical and impactful applications, and how to intentionally design and develop with the