R&L Spring and Medicoil: Announce leadership transition: Julie Arenz to succeed Scott Forsythe as president

Lake Geneva, WI – April 11, 2024 – R&L Spring and Medicoil, announced a momentous leadership transition as Scott Forsythe, who has held the position of President for the past 40 years, will be stepping down from his role. Stepping into her father’s esteemed shoes will be Julie Arenz, Scott’s daughter and the representative of the third generation of the Forsythe family’s leadership within the organization.

Scott Forsythe has been a driving force at R&L Spring and Medicoil, spearheading the organization’s growth and success over the past four decades. His technical expertise and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in establishing R&L Spring and Medicoil as leaders of fabricated wire components in both the industrial and medical device industries.  Under Scott’s tenure both organizations have developed a rapport for their innovative solutions and exceptional service.

“It has been an incredible journey leading R&L Spring and Medicoil for the past 40 years,” said Scott Forsythe.  “I am immensely proud of our accomplishments, and I’m confident Julie is the perfect person to lead this organization into the future.”

Scott Forsythe will continue his tenure with the organization and transition into an advisory role, providing guidance and technical counsel to ensure a seamless leadership transition and ongoing success for R&L Spring and Medicoil.

Julie Arenz, with her experience and deep-rooted connection to R&L Spring and Medicoil, as a member of the Forsythe family, is well-prepared to take on the role of President.  She brings a unique perspective and a strong commitment to continuing R&L Spring and Medicoil’s legacy of innovation and excellence.

“I am honored to follow in my father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and lead R&L Spring and Medicoil into its next chapter,” said Julie. “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with our talented team and continue the legacy of excellence that has been established over the years.”

The entire R&L Spring and Medicoil team is excited about the future under Julie’s leadership and is confident that the organization will continue to thrive and innovate with her at the helm.