NCG Hospitality: Welcomes two new Team members

Corey Chamberlain and Ryan Kotila Join the NCG Hospitality Team as the Vice President of Capital Markets and Design and Construction Project Manager

MADISON, WI – February 2024 | Today NCG Hospitality welcomes two hires joining their already exemplary team. Bringing new expertise to NCG Hospitality’s roster, Corey Chamberlain joins NCG Hospitality as the new Vice President of Capital Markets and Ryan Kotila joins as the new Design & Construction Project Manager. As NCG Hospitality prepares for another banner year of property development and openings, Chamberlain and Kotila’s hirings are just the beginning of continued growth for the company. 

Corey Chamberlain, a Madison native and University of Wisconsin alumnus, has excelled in his field working in commercial real estate finance. Beginning his career at Wells Fargo before moving to Walton Street Capital, Chamberlain’s experience allows a seamless transition to the NCG Hospitality team where he will primarily focus on sourcing capital for future projects. 

“I am really excited to join the NCG Hospitality team,” said Chamberlain. “As a Wisconsinite, I am proud of the opportunity to join a company whose goal is excellence not only statewide but nationally. NCG Hospitality is the perfect fit to further my professional growth and I’m looking forward to what is already set to be a very promising year.” 

Ryan Kotila, a fellow University of Wisconsin alumnus, joins the NCG Hospitality team after working for Culver Franchising managing the design and construction of new Culver’s restaurants. An accomplished registered architect, Ryan will be managing new development projects, starting with NCG Hospitality’s Flagstaff properties, and working closely with all eternal design consultants to ensure elite and seamless property development. 

“NCG Hospitality’s reputation is enough for anyone to be happy about joining the team, but what most excites me about this position is the opportunity to oversee the development of so many new and totally unique properties. Starting with properties in Flagstaff, it’s clear that every project NCG Hospitality takes on reflects a drive to create something not only new, but something that brings out the best in every city we develop a property in,” said Kotila. 

As NCG Hospitality prepares for an unbeatable first quarter, Chamberlain and Kotila’s work will be of exceptional value to the company and every property it handles. To learn more about NCG Hospitality, visit