Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors: Supervisor Juan Miguel Martinez advocates for safer county-sponsored festivals in collaboration with Mitchell Park Domes

MILWAUKEE – Supervisor Juan Miguel Martinez is taking proactive steps to advocate for safer community events in collaboration with Mitchell Park Domes, following recent incidents in the park and surrounding areas. Concerns regarding public safety and property security during community gatherings have prompted Supervisor Martinez to engage in discussions with park authorities aimed at enhancing safety measures for upcoming festivals.

Recent incidents, including thefts of street vendor carts and physical altercations, highlight the necessity for improved security protocols and the consideration of relocating events to a more secure and monitored venue. To prioritize safety and accessibility, Supervisor Martinez is working with Mitchell Park Domes to utilize their parking lot during events.

Supervisor Martinez issued the following statement:

“It is extremely disappointing to see individuals causing disruptions at events meant to uplift our community. I am working to ensure that we make Cinco de Mayo a County-sponsored event in the future with proper security, not just police officers standing at entrances and exits, failing to address the altercations actually going on. Together, as a community, we can mitigate these situations by using the parks as a tool to stop these appalling incidents in the future.”


Additionally, Supervisor Martinez is exploring potential partnerships with Mitchell Park Domes to offer discounted access to festival patrons.

Supervisor Martinez encourages community members to participate in ongoing discussions and share their input on shaping the future of County-sponsored festivals at Mitchell Park. He can be reached for further inquiries or suggestions via email at