Howwe Technologies: ‘The Yearly Planning Wheel’ by Howwe Technologies simplifies complex planning for leaders and enhances governance efficiency

In the realm of corporate governance, where time equates to invaluable currency, Howwe Technologies is proud to introduce ‘The Yearly Planning Wheel.’ This structured approach is a culmination of best practices honed from the experiences of thousands of leaders and teams, designed to simplify the intricacies of strategic planning and governance.

Effective planning is more critical than ever; but often overlooked or improperly executed. Many managers, while very competent in their respective operational roles, have never been trained to think and act strategically. Shockingly, research indicates that a staggering 90 percent of directors and vice presidents have never received training to develop their skills as competent business strategists*. This gap in knowledge becomes evident when these managers are presented with detailed plans. 

The Yearly Planning Wheel is a structured, yet agile framework for yearly strategic planning. It’s a tool that guides management teams and leaders through the often challenging terrain of planning, execution, and follow-up. By focusing on four key meeting types, This framework provides a clear roadmap for companies to align their strategic objectives from top to bottom and tackle the widespread challenge of turning strategic visions into tangible results. 

“Many organizations struggle with turning their strategic plans into reality. At Howwe Technologies, we recognize the challenges of traditional planning methods. The Yearly Planning Wheel is our response to these challenges, offering a simple, efficient governance structure that saves time and resources while enhancing strategic clarity,” says Johan Grönstedt, Chief Product Officer at Howwe Technologies.

Key elements of the Yearly Planning Wheel include:

  • An intuitive model of what the business year looks like in the form of a circle
  • Initiative Governance Structure for maintaining strategic oversight and operational alignment.
  • Quarterly ‘Milestones Deep Dive’ and monthly ‘Initiative Focused Strategy Stand-Up’ meetings to keep management teams strategically engaged and proactive.

The Yearly Planning Wheel presents multiple benefits, including significant time and resource savings by preventing costly detours and maintaining a strategic focus. It ensures organizational alignment, providing clear and actionable steps toward achieving strategic goals. Furthermore, this approach empowers teams, enabling them to confidently and clearly navigate complexities, which is essential for effective strategy execution.

A comprehensive guide to deploying the Yearly Planning Wheel is detailed in Howwe Technologies’ latest e-book “Mastering Yearly Planning for Business Excellence”. It delves into the methodology and its practical application in real-world scenarios and outlines four essential meeting types that serve as strategic levers, designed not merely as formalities but as powerful tools to streamline strategy execution. 

Howwe Technologies’ revolutionary digital platform, Howwe, accelerates enterprise strategy execution and enables rapid realignment in response to disruptions, shortening the timeline from CEO decisions to alignment and organizational acceleration of needed activities and focus, overall drastically shortening the timeline for goal fulfillment according to the strategy, or what the CEO has decided as most important. 

As part of Howwe Technologies’ mission to simplify growth and redefine strategy execution, this e-book is a valuable resource for any business leader looking to impact their organization’s performance and results.

The Yearly Planning Wheel is a testament to Howwe Technologies’ commitment to helping organizations achieve strategic excellence by simplifying growth. For additional learning and to dive deeper into the approach, the e-book is available for download.

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