HIL: Oconomowoc-based Homes for Independent Living announces acquisition of Our Way Incorporated

February 7, 2024


Homes for Independent Living Announces Acquisition of Our Way Incorporated (OWI)

(Oconomowoc, Wis.) – Homes for Independent Living (HIL), a MyPath Company, is a leader in providing community-based services for adults with intellectual disabilities for over 40 years. HIL is excited to announce the successful acquisition of Our Way Inc. a non-profit organization located in Merrill, Wisconsin. Our Way has supported individuals with intellectual disabilities in northern Wisconsin since 1975 and we are very pleased to be assuming operations of a longstanding, high quality provider in the field of disability services.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

  • Complementary Strengths: The missions of HIL and Our Way are well aligned. Both focus on community-based residential care, advocating for the rights of the individuals, promoting inclusion into the community, and working tirelessly to foster personal growth and quality of life for the residents.
  • Expanded Service: With the acquisition, HIL expands its service offerings into northern Wisconsin. HIL has been transforming people’s lives since 1984, starting out as a small number of group homes in the southern part of the state. Since then, HIL has grown to support approximately 400 clients in over 100 community-based residential locations in Eastern and Central Wisconsin, providing an extensive scope of support and services to residents and staff. HIL’s structure is built on local and regional based leadership teams, so their services form strong ties to the communities that are served. HIL likes to say they have large company resources with a small company feel.
  • Talent Integration: HIL welcomes over 20 talented professionals from Our Way Inc. into its team, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Ashley Williams, Director of Residential Services, HIL says, “The values that have guided the work of Our Way are the same principles that guide HIL, and HIL is honored to have this opportunity to support the Our Way residents, employees, guardians, family members, and funding partners. Recognizing the vital role Our Way has played for the people who call these programs home, HIL is committed to preserving the strong reputation, unique culture, and local spirit of the Our Way programs.”

About Homes for Independent Living (HIL)
HIL is part of MyPath, a family of eight companies that collectively support over 2,000 children and adults with varying needs in a diverse array of community based residential and school settings. MyPath is 100% employee owned. The people that work at MyPath are not just hired staff, they are proud employee owners who care about the work they do to serve their residents and communities. HIL’s employee owners demonstrate their core beliefs of Passion, Accountability, Teamwork, Openness and Continuous Learning every day.

For more information about HIL visit www.hil-wi.com.
For more information about MyPath visit https://www.mypathcompanies.com

About Our Way Inc.
Our Way Inc. has served the central Lincoln County area for over 40 years, with the goal of supporting the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Way has four locations in Merrill, Wis offering 24-hour care and support services to individuals who reside in Adult Family Homes and CBRFs to over 20 residents.