Former NBA Players, VCA and Local Leaders: Unveil visionary agricultural and esports initiative at former YMCA

[Milwaukee, January 22, 2024] — In an extraordinary collaboration, former NBA players Marcus Landry and Carl Landry, alongside local real estate leader Rafael Garcia and other businesses unite forces to launch a groundbreaking agricultural and esports initiative in Milwaukee.

Small local companies, including Joseph Project, GT Branding Agency, and Technology Support, contributed to this visionary endeavor by presenting gifts at the intimate All In Awards Ceremony, amounting to a total of $200,000. This combined support represents a significant leap forward in the realization of cutting-edge agricultural and esports programming for the local community and schools. If successful, this contribution will help open up 400 new seats for students in the epicenter of Oak Creek, Cudahy, Milwaukee, South Milwaukee, and St. Francis. The financial commitment from the Landry family will not only support operations but also contribute to bussing partnerships, agricultural integration with Beulah Family Farm, and the initial stages of robotics and esports programming and career paths partnerships for urban children in Milwaukee.

The ambitious project, set to commence in late summer and fall of 2024, aims to bring cutting-edge agricultural, robotics, and esports programming to the local community and schools. Despite unforeseen HVAC and technical building challenges causing a delay to early 2024, the project is poised for success.

“As former NBA players, teaming up with the Beulah Family Homestead, we’re thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking project. We’re not just enhancing education; we’re unlocking opportunities for kids in agriculture and esports. The potential for job pathways with local engineering companies and apprenticeships is a winning shot for youngsters who might not always have these chances. We’re fully behind and supporting this initiative,” expressed Marcus Landry.

Local leader and Oak Creek Mayor Daniel Bukiewicz, a staunch advocate for vocational trades, shared his excitement, saying, “With the MKE Building Trades and Apprenticeship Readiness, we are committed to getting your boys and girls ready. The Registered Apprenticeship offered at Victory ensures a pathway to a family-supporting career, all within our community. Graduates can enter the workforce with confidence, knowing that through a guaranteed registered apprenticeship, they have a clear destination for a well-paying job in agricultural and esports. Victory is shaping the way for certainty and success in the careers of our youth.”

While this initial contribution provides a strong foundation, VCA acknowledges that achieving the ultimate goal of $2 million for the project requires additional community support. The events and tech space aim to impact 350 schools in the parental choice program and 15,000 students in the Milwaukee metro area.

Off to a strong start, VCA urges the community to come together for the success of this locally viral project.