WPS Health Solutions: New board chair elected

MADISON, Wis.—Feb. 28, 2023—At its February meeting, the WPS Board of Directors voted to approve Steve Skoronski as the new WPS Board Chair for a one-year term that will begin after the WPS Board meeting on April 27.

Skoronski is a retired entrepreneur and health care supply chain consultant in Madison, Wis. He was elected to the WPS Board of Directors in 2012. He was Chief Executive Officer of Associated Medical Products and Medical Systems Corporation, which distributed medical products and rented medical equipment. It also processed Medicare Part B and Medicaid claims for reimbursement.

“This will be a transformative year at WPS,” Skoronski said. “I’m proud to be elected as Board Chair as we work together to usher in a new CEO, refine our strategy, and move the entire leadership team and employees at WPS forward to a successful future.”

Current Board Chair Kristine Euclide has led the Board since 2019 and guided the organization through a historic pandemic, challenging financial times, as well as the selection process to find a new CEO to lead the company following Mike Hamerlik’s planned retirement. She was elected to the WPS Board of Directors in 2007 and became Board Chair in March 2019.

Euclide, a regulatory attorney and veteran business and community leader in Madison, said, “I am honored to have served WPS in the Board Chair role for the past four years. In particular, I enjoyed interacting with and getting to know many dedicated WPS employees more closely. My commitment to WPS will continue, as I plan to remain active on the WPS Board as well as several nonprofit boards in the Madison area.”

To learn more about the WPS Board of Directors, visit: https://www.wpshealthsolutions.com/about/board-of-directors.shtml

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