Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services: Announces improvements to Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

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Upgraded program should offer better functionality to groups/professionals who use it    
Madison, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professionals Services (DSPS) will launch an updated version of the Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (WI ePDMP) later this month, the culmination of a three-year enhancement project.  

The new WI ePDMP, set to go live on October 15, incorporated feedback from users, like prescribers, health care systems, law enforcement, pharmacies, and dispensers. The final product boasts improved data processing, upgraded patient matching capacities, and enhanced overall user experiences. 

“It was a collaborative process, and I want to publicly thank all the groups that provided us with valuable feedback,” said Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board Chair Doug Englebert. “The process included a concerted effort to listen to users and respond with enhancements that improve the experience and usability of the WI ePDMP.”   

“The result is a tool that works better for users and still provides a tremendous benefit for the people of Wisconsin,” added Dan Hereth, Secretary-designee of DSPS, the department that administers the WI ePDMP. “’Safety’ is in our department’s name and we work to stay focused on that part of our mission. The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is an important safety tool for Wisconsinites, and it’s now a better tool thanks to these updates.”    

The WI ePDMP is a tool to help combat the ongoing prescription drug abuse epidemic in Wisconsin. By providing valuable information about monitored prescription drugs that are dispensed in the state, it aids healthcare professionals in prescribing and dispensing decisions. The tool also helps pharmacies, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and public health officials work together to reduce the abuse and misuse of monitored prescription drugs.  

In addition to a new website design and user interface, WI ePDMP users will notice improvements in the following areas: 

Time Responsive: Dispensing records will be processed as soon as they are submitted, and patient reports will be updated accordingly as close to real time as possible. In addition, loading times of key web pages will be considerably improved.

Upgraded Patient Matching Capacities: Instances of patient records being falsely merged or separated will be significantly reduced. Falsely matched records will be addressed in a timely manner should they occur. This increased accuracy will benefit prescribers and patients.

Enhanced User Interface: Healthcare professional account users will be able to reconfigure their own patient report layout to prioritize information most useful to their clinical practices and treatment decisions.   

Users with questions about the updated WI wPDMP can contact the program at DSPSPDMP@wisconsin.gov.  For technical questions or support, users should contact pdmpsupport@tylertech.com.    

About DSPS DSPS issues more than 240 unique licenses, administers dozens of boards and councils that regulate professions, enforces state building codes, runs the state fire prevention program, and maintains the award-winning Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, which is a key tool in the multi-faceted public health campaign to stem excessive opioid prescribing. A fee-based agency, DSPS is self-sustaining and receives no general fund tax dollars for its day-to-day operations. With five offices and 250 employees throughout Wisconsin, DSPS collaborates with constituents and stakeholders across a wide range of industries to promote safety and advance the economy.