UW-Whitewater: Graduates of UW-Whitewater DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) program shine in their professional pursuits 

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater proudly announces the completion of its 2023 Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program by eleven outstanding individuals. These graduates – Patrice Achu, Tobin Anderson, Eric Barber, Betty Carew, Michelle Gabor, Kokou Gadedji, Chris Harper, Melissa Nelson, David Rollins, Rizvana Zameeruddin, and Emily Zoet – mark a significant milestone as they prepare for their commencement ceremony in December.

Reflecting on their transformative experiences, these graduates have shared invaluable insights into the program’s impact on their careers and scholarly contributions. Dr. Patrice Achu, this year’s commencement speaker, highlighted, “The program’s deep understanding of strategic leadership, research methodologies, and the ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-world business challenges” as a standout feature that prepared them for leadership roles.

The program’s emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills resonated strongly with the alumni, enabling seamless application of theoretical knowledge to practical business contexts. Dr. Emily Zoet affirmed her commitment to ongoing professional development, stating, “I will continue in my role as Assistant Professor of Accountancy at Ferris State University, researching sustainability issues in accounting, including climate change risk.”

Dr. Eric Barber, another program alumnus, expressed intentions to continue building upon learned skills and contribute to research in the areas of management and organizational behavior. He further announced participation in the 2024 Academy of Human Resources Development (AHRD) conference, showcasing ongoing dedication to scholarly engagement.

Key highlights from the graduates included the invaluable networking opportunities, exposure to diverse perspectives, and collaborative experiences with classmates and professors. They praised the program’s unique approach, combining self-study with live group discussions and a collegial, supportive learning environment.

Dr. Melissa Nelson, securing a tenure-track position in Silicon Valley, emphasized her enthusiasm for continued research and publishing articles in esteemed journals, contributing to the evolving landscape of academia.

When asked what he enjoyed about the program, Dr. Tobin Anderson replied with “The mix of self-study and live discussions challenged my thinking, taking our learnings to an additional level”, highlighting the program’s unique approach that enriched the learning experience.

The UW-Whitewater DBA program continues to empower professionals, equipping them with the tools and expertise to excel in their careers and contribute significantly to their respective fields.