UW-Whitewater Business School: Marketing department chair achieves milestone with research cited over 10,000 times, showcasing school’s academic excellence

WHITEWATER, WI: September 25, 2023- Dr. Jimmy Peltier wears a lot of hats at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. As a marketing professor, department chair, director of the sales institute, and AMA advisor, Peltier is a very busy man. Despite this, he continues to dedicate time to research and scholarly content creation, citing it as his second favorite pursuit after helping students excel.

Dr. Peltier began his publishing journey in 1989. Fast forward three decades, he now has earned over 10,000 citations on Google Scholar. Peltier writes on a wide array of topics that include digital marketing, healthcare, and marketing education. “Just spreading the knowledge to someone else who may be writing a paper so they know what is already out there” is what Peltier says is important about people citing his work. 

“We are immensely proud of Dr. Peltier’s remarkable achievement,” said Dr. Paul Ambrose, Dean of the College of Business and Economics. “This milestone reflects the caliber of our faculty and their commitment to producing impactful research. It also highlights our school’s dedication to providing students with access to knowledgeable faculty who lead by example.”

The achievement of surpassing 10,000 citations on Google Scholar marked a significant milestone in Dr. Peltier’s illustrious career. He celebrated this accomplishment with enthusiasm, sharing the news with his wife, and colleagues during a department meeting. But Peltier has no plans to stop publishing anytime soon. 

Peltier said, “I get in excess of a thousand citations a year. So this number is only going to go up. And it is something I can still do after I retire so I will continue to explore, write, publish, and continue to share the knowledge.”

Congratulations to Professor Peltier on this outstanding achievement!