UW-Green Bay: ‘Level Up’ your leadership impact with UW-Green Bay’s Institute for Women’s Leadership “Lessons in Leadership”

Green Bay, WI — The Institute for Women’s Leadership at UW-Green Bay is offering a new online-only day of learning for anyone ready to hone their skills and increase their impact as a leader but find themselves short on time. This session will help build your leadership toolkit without leaving your own home or office.

On Friday, February 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, the Institute will present three 90-minute sessions, lead by three engaging and knowledgeable women on topics of particular import to emerging women leaders. 

  • Cultivate Professional Presence – The ability to inspire confidence and trust is critical to leadership, and fortunately it is also an ability that you can cultivate. 
  • Develop a Strong Team – Building a successful, high-performing and happy team is a nuanced art. Luckily you have all the tools you need at your fingertips. 
  • Foster Inclusion – As our workforce becomes increasingly more diverse, it is important that leaders understand the complexitites associated with diversity dynamics and promote environments that are inclusive.

Registration is now open, visit the webpage to learn more.

About the Institute for Women’s Leadership
UW-Green Bay’s Institute for Women’s Leadership is dedicated to engaging, inspiring and empowering the women leaders to ensure a strong and equitable leadership pipeline. The University established the Institute in 2021, recognizing the region’s growing need for leaders and the distinct challenges faced by professional women in the workplace. The Institute is a comprehensive leadership resource committed to providing ongoing, forward-thinking networking, education, research and inspiration to support women and their organizations as they rise.

The Institute presents wide-ranging programs, events, and research, benefiting women with access to experts and supportive networks, leadership certificate programs, a speaker’s series and more. Equally important, the Institute works to increase communities’ knowledge and awareness of issues related to women in leadership and advance new knowledge about women and leadership in the State of Wisconsin through benchmarking data on women in business and research about women and leadership. More on the institute can be found at https://www.uwgb.edu/womens-leadership/.