Sensi Co.: Launches new THC infused lemonade

[LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN, DECEMBER 22, 2023] Sensi Co., the trailblazing THC-infused beverage company known for its low-dose and approachable seltzers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest addition: Sensi Lemonade dosed at 7.5mg of THC per can. Sensi Lemonade is crafted with real lemons and real THC while staying gluten free and vegan. Patrons will be able to purchase Sensi Lemonade in stores and online on Thursday, January 11th.  You can find Sensi in stores at La Crosse area Festivals, Woodmans and Cannabiz Depot locations. 

Sensi Co will be celebrating their big day by offering FREE Sensi Lemonade samples at Free Range Exchange – La Crosse from 11am to 2pm on Thursday, January 11th.

Co-founder Dan Schmidtknecht, shares “Our mission with our 2.5mg seltzer was to give people an alcohol alternative for social settings. That value will always be there for our current customers, as well as people looking to explore cannabis for the first time. We also feel the responsibility to offer a safe, non-converted (quality) product to those who require a little more. Our 7.5mg lemonade is just the first of many new products that we will launch at Sensi in 2024.”

About Sensi Co

Sensi Co is a culmination of two craft cannabis companies’, Carbon & Stacks, driven by operators with a passion for the plant. Meticulous care goes into every step from seed to sip to ensure an authentic, delicious experience every time. 

How is this legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill defines hemp and hemp products as anything with .3% THC by dry weight or volume. This means that for every 1g (1000mg) of weight, we are allowed 3mg of THC. Each Sensi beverage weighs at least 350g, making our 2.5mg can far below the legal limit of THC. This means they are a fully compliant and legal hemp product in the US.