Minocqua Brewing Company: Files lawsuit against town of Minocqua

MINOCQUA, WI – The Minocqua Brewing Company, led by its owner Kirk Bangstad, has formally filed a lawsuit against the Town of Minocqua and several key figures, alleging violations of both the United States Constitution and Wisconsin state law.

Kirk Bangstad commented, “This isn’t just about a business; it’s about standing up for the core values that our nation was built on. We cannot stand by and let our constitutional rights be trampled upon.”

The lawsuit, rooted in the protection of individual and business rights, claims a continued pattern of authoritarian conduct, retaliation, harassment, and intimidation by the defendants.

“Our company has always strived to be a positive force within the Minocqua community,” said Bangstad. “To face such blatant discrimination and obstruction based on personal or political beliefs is both disheartening and fundamentally wrong.”

Of significant concern is the allegation that the defendants have obstructed the Minocqua Brewing Company’s zoning applications without justifiable cause. The company asserts that they have been subject to an extended and notably more challenging zoning procedure compared to other businesses within the town. Moreover, it is alleged that biased members of the Town Board of Supervisors have been permitted to decide on zoning matters related to the Minocqua Brewing Company.

“Every business deserves a fair shot, and what we’ve experienced is a deliberate attempt to undermine our success. We just want an even playing field,” Bangstad added. “It’s troubling to think that those with personal biases are influencing decisions that impact our business and community.”

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the defendants have engaged in a campaign of intimidation against the brewery, filing complaints without proper authority and discriminating against them while ignoring similar complaints about other businesses.

“These actions seem less about upholding any sort of law and more about settling personal scores. It is time for accountability,” Bangstad emphasized.

The Minocqua Brewing Company and Bangstad urge the courts to ensure that the rule of law is upheld and to hold the defendants accountable for their purported actions.

The Minocqua Brewing Company has become a strong progressive voice in Northern Wisconsin, drawing thousands of tourists from across the country to our historic taproom in downtown Minocqua. More information is available at: MinocquaBrewingCompany.com.