Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors: Supervisor Vincent thankful for constituent input, hopeful for positive effects of sales tax increase 

Clarence Kinnard

MILWAUKEE — Today, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 23-719, implementing an additional 0.4% county sales tax. Upon the legislation’s passage, County Supervisor Kathleen Vincent released the following statement: 

Today’s vote for the future of Milwaukee County was challenging. However, over the past 15 months as a supervisor, it became clear to me what was at stake. The voice of my constituents is very important to me, and hearing opinions from both sides of this issue was not something I took lightly. Our parks and cultural institutions are very important to the residents of District 11, along with the many other services provided by the county. In particular, losing transportation would result in devastating effects for many of our residents.  

Today’s amendment to this legislation—requesting that the 2024 Milwaukee County Budget reduces the overall property tax levy and increases funding for parks, transit, and other services countywide—will go a long way toward ensuring greater fiscal responsibility and sustainable services for Milwaukee County residents, and it was a deciding factor in my final vote. 

I followed my heart in this decision, after weighing out the pros and cons, and I am hopeful for positive effects from the extra revenue that will be generated by residents, as well as visitors to Milwaukee County.” 

Resolution 23-719 was approved on a margin of 15-3, with Supervisor Kathleen Vincent voting in favor, joined by Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson and Supervisors Deanna Alexander, Peter Burgelis, Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones, Caroline Gómez-Tom, Willie Johnson, Jr., Patti Logsdon, Felesia A. Martin, Juan Miguel Martinez, Shawn Rolland, Steven Shea, Anthony Staskunas, Liz Sumner, Kathleen Vincent, and Sheldon A. Wasserman.