Madison Parks: Lake Monona Waterfront Design Challenge team selection

Madison Parks is pleased to announce the team selection in the Lake Monona Waterfront Design Challenge! The Lake Monona Waterfront Ad-hoc Committee selected Sasaki to proceed in the Lake Monona Waterfront master plan process. The Committee evaluated the three master plan submissions and scored each team on five primary categories: alignment with guiding principles; overall project vision and cohesion; response to and engagement with the public input; project feasibility; and overall quality of plan materials. The Sasaki team consistently scored higher in the Committee’s review and the public survey results, notably in community outreach and feasibility.

The team selection begins the next phase of the plan development. Madison Parks anticipates introducing a revised master plan to the Madison Common Council in October 2023. In the meantime, the Committee and team will refine their plan through additional community input opportunities during the next 4 to 5 months.

Madison Parks and the City of Madison thank the James Corner Field Operations and Agency Landscape + Planning teams for participating in the challenge and are grateful for the expertise and vision they brought to the process. The level of thought and effort demonstrated by both teams greatly contributes to the excitement and enthusiasm for this planning initiative.

Madison Parks and the Committee look forward to the next exciting phase in creating a visionary, inclusive, and environmentally focused master plan for the Lake Monona Waterfront.