Madison International Trade Association: Announces Board of Directors election results

Madison, WI, January 13th 2023 –The Madison International Trade Association is proud to welcome Nicole Hess, Alison Jacobs, and Jenny Patzlaff to its board of directors. The newly elected members will serve three-year term on MITA Board of Directors starting this January.

Nicole Hess is the Vice President of Import Operations at ME Dey & Co. in Milwaukee, WI. Nicole is also a Customs Broker license and Certified Customs Specialist.  Alison Jacobs is an international trade compliance professional with FTI Consulting, Inc.; she provides guidance on import and export regulatory matters to multinational corporations in industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, and consumer products. Jenny Patzlaff is currently the Supply Chain Practice Director for the University of Wisconsin-Madison E-Business Consortium (UWEBC), where she develops collaborative learning forums among the nearly 90 member companies in the consortium.

MITA also recognizes those re-elected for new, three-year terms starting January 1, 2023:

–         Poonam Arora of Arnold Magnetics;

–         Henrietta Bogyay of Hydro-Thermal;

–         Aleda Bourassa of ICS Inc.;

–         Carla Kutsche of STAR7; and,

–         Maureen Muldoon of Trek Bicycle. 

Rome Rauter of WEDC is also appointed to fill the final year of Francisco Carillo’s open Board seat, commencing today.

Continuing members on the board of directors include:

–           Dan Brink of DeWitt;

–           Maria Cartier of Port of Milwaukee;

–           Phil Gantz of Wells Fargo Bank;

–           Paul Jarzombeck of LR International; and,

–           Germaine Krystowiak of Swarming Tech. 

Future Programming

“CROSSOVER: How, Why, ROI – Trade Compliance across the Company”

Join MITA at the luncheon meeting and it’s annual Trade Compliance event!

Compliance is at the core of import/export operations supporting successful global trade, which will be held on February 14 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Fluno Center, Madison, WI. MITA is proud to be able to bring several expert speakers at this exciting programs. Individuals that are interested can get more information and register at

About MITA

MITA is a Madison, Wisconsin-based organization whose mission is to foster understanding of the issues, practices, information, legislation and trends that affect and influence all aspects of international trade. Membership includes a broad spectrum of professionals interested in and involved with international trade throughout the state of Wisconsin. Membership, meetings and information are open to all interested parties of the public, and professionals at all levels of international organizations participate in MITA activities.

Member companies include manufacturers, food companies, and services providers such as freight forwarders, banks, law firms as well as universities and governmental institutions. More information is available at the website: