KI: Releases social responsibility report

(Green Bay, WI) – Continually evaluating how they can improve their company for their customers, employee owners and the community at large, Green Bay-based contract furniture manufacturer, KI, recently shared their 2022 Social Responsibility Report.

The report provides an overview of the organization in addition to information about environmental stewardship, sustainable product design and social responsibility. Highlights from the report include:

  • A 17% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2017 levels
  • A 22.6% decrease in energy consumption for the same period
  • 13.7 million pounds of waste material diverted from landfills with 3.1 million pounds sent to recycling centers
  • An overall 40% increase in overall waste reduction compared to the prior year
  • Use of solar energy to offset electrical usage at the design and development center
  • Sustainability certification for 146 products
  • 3,665 trees planted in 18 countries to replace the equivalent amount of paper consumed at KI
  • $305,128,706 total economic impact on Wisconsin during 2022

KI CEO Brian Krenke explained, “While sustainable practices have always been a part of the KI heritage, we’ve sharpened our environmental focus and set more aggressive goals for the corporation. Today, we have clear and measurable metrics in place to ensure that we ‘walk the talk.’” The full 2022 Social Responsibility Report is available on KI’s website.