Huberty: Announces promotion of shareholders

FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN, January 18, 2023 – Huberty announces and congratulates three employees for their achievement of attaining Shareholder status. To achieve the status of Huberty Shareholder is the height of one’s career, making an employee part-owner of the firm and signifying that these individuals are in the top of their field. For consideration, an employee must first have attained manager-level status and then apply for and be accepted into the Shareholder Training Program. An individual must also demonstrate that they excel in the industry, are on top of industry trends, and are active in the community.  

The 2023 class of Shareholder inductees includes: Jenni Bieck, CPA – Shareholder and Chief Technology Officer; Josh TeBeest, CPA – Shareholder and Tax Service Line Leader; and Kim Thome, CPA – Shareholder and Director of Accounting. As shareholders, they will have committee assignments making them actively involved in the vision and strategy of the firm.  

“Huberty owes its success to our team of dedicated experts who build successful, long-lasting relationships with our clients,” expressed Nathan Volkomener, Managing Shareholder & CEO. “In the wake of small CPA firm volatility and large CPA firm mergers, Huberty has become an ideal landing spot for professionals, such as these three talented individuals. It’s my privilege to congratulate Jenni, Josh and Kim on this special career achievement and welcome them as Shareholder.” 

“Being a shareholder for Huberty means a great deal to me. As the Chief Technology Officer, I see how innovation can inspire our team members and clients. I’m constantly amazed at what we can achieve together with this in mind,” remarked new Shareholder Jenni Bieck. “Huberty sees itself as a destination for innovation and inspiration which stands for everything I’m passionate about. I’m excited to lead Huberty alongside an exceptional group of shareholders who also are passionate to create an amazing destination for our team members and clients. I am humbled and honored to be included as a shareholder of Huberty.”