Hello Door County: Data analysis reveals 7 most popular Wisconsin travel destinations

FORESTVILLE, WI, March 3, 2023 – HelloDoorCounty.com, the premier travel website for Door County, Wisconsin, analyzed publicly available data on tourist spending to reveal the seven most popular Wisconsin travel destinations:

  1. Milwaukee Metro Area: $2.75 billion
  2. Wisconsin Dells / Devil’s Lake: $1.85 billion
  3. Madison: $1.05 billion
  4. Green Bay: $633 million
  5. Lake Geneva: $595 million
  6. Northwoods Lake Country: $523 million
  7. Door County: $423 million

“I noticed an informational gap for tourism in Wisconsin,” said Mark Stoneman, editor of HelloDoorCounty.com. “Many travel blogs have lists like ‘Top Wisconsin Vacation Destinations.’ But, their lists seem arbitrary and aren’t backed up by data. On the other hand, publicly available data was not formatted well for public consumption. So, we analyzed the data and presented it in a way that is useable for the general public.”

HelloDoorCounty.com used data made available by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. This data reports direct visitor spending to Wisconsin counties. Direct visitor spending includes expenditures on things like lodging, meals, and entertainment. HelloDoorCounty.com then associated counties with recognizable travel destinations like Wisconsin Dells and Green Bay.

With $12.9 billion in direct visitor spending, travel to Wisconsin is big business. These seven destinations account for 61% of that statewide visitor spending.

More information, including infographics, additional facts and figures, and a discussion of the analysis’s methodology can be found at https://hellodoorcounty.com/popular-wisconsin-travel-destinations/.