Dept. of Transportation: New RIDESHARE platform offers more transportation options

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), in partnership with the Greater Madison MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) and Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC), has moved its RIDESHARE service to a new platform and mobile app powered by RideAmigos.

“This is a cooperative effort among our regional partners to make it easier to share a ride and reduce congestion,” WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson said. “With a better tool to organize commutes and other trips, people will have an easier time saving money while increasing mobility.”

RIDESHARE is WisDOT’s program that matches commuters by location and commute schedule with carpool partners, bike buddies, and other available alternatives to driving alone. The RideAmigos platform also offers a mobile application and personalized benefit statistics when users log their alternative commutes in the RIDESHARE program.

RIDESHARE’s platform change is part of WisDOT’s effort to:

  • Reduce traffic congestion and pollution emissions
  • Improve accessibility and mobility
  • Save costs for Wisconsin commuters

WisDOT and its regional partners welcome Wisconsin commuters to join the new RIDESHARE, RoundTrip, or CommuteWISE Connect programs to save money, build community, and reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and stress.

WisDOT’s RIDESHARE program has served Wisconsin residents since 1982. The new platform provides more features for users than ever before, including access to RideAmigos’ Commute Tracker mobile application (links to application available here for Android users and here for iOS users), to identify available and attractive transportation choices — including quality transit services, comfortable bicycle accommodations, and convenient carpool options. RIDESHARE’s partnership with RideAmigos will provide users with more information and a streamlined user experience, helping to further RIDESHARE’s growth and expand access to transportation options across the State.

Also new is WisDOT’s partnership with SEWRPC to provide customized connections to transportation alternatives for southeastern Wisconsin. To provide the best support and experience for Wisconsin’s most populous region, SEWRPC’s CommuteWISE Connect will offer a tailored commute matching platform that encourages commuters to rethink their way to work. SEWRPC will also work with employers to leverage the platform’s carpool matching, commute tracking, and gamification features to improve workforce mobility.

The Greater Madison MPO’s RoundTrip program will continue to provide dedicated alternative transportation programming for Dane County commuters and employers, using the RoundTrip network in the RideAmigos platform as a hub.