Xcel Energy: Tips to stay comfortable this summer and help keep bills low

Eau Claire, Wis.  (June 14, 2022) – With high temperatures and humidity expected this week, Xcel Energy is offering some tips to help customers find relief from the heat and their bills all summer long.

Home cooling can account for about half of a summertime electric bill, and the best way customers can keep their bills low is to practice some basic conservation and efficiency habits that can keep you cool without stressing your family’s budget. Among the simplest ways customers can get the most out of their cooling are:

  • Installing a programmable thermostat that raises the setting when the house is empty, and lowers

it to a comfortable level when everyone comes home

  • Using ceiling fans to help circulate cool air through the home
  • Opening interior doors to improve the circulation of cool air inside
  • Using a whole-house or attic fan to draw in cool nighttime air and push out hot air during the day
  • Changing air conditioning filters
  • Closing drapes and blinds during the heat of the day

Customers can also help reduce their overall bills by:

  • Turning off unnecessary lighting and replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs, which use 75 to 80

percent less energy than traditional bulbs and last 15 percent longer

  • Running washing machines, dishwashers and clothes dryers with full loads after the heat of the

day, which helps keep the house cooler and reduces strain on the local grid

Xcel Energy has more tips for saving money and energy at its website. Xcel Energy and Focus on Energy also offer incentives and rebates that customers can use to make homes and businesses more efficient. Learn more about those programs here: Home Rebates | Xcel Energy