WPS Health Solutions: La Sage appointed to Navy and Marine Corps Retiree Council

MADISON, Wis.—Dec. 21, 2022—Tim La Sage, WPS Health Solutions Military Affairs Manager, was appointed to the Navy and Marine Corps Retiree Council for 2023. He is among 21 new appointees for the Navy’s council; 11 officers and 10 enlisted. All appointees are retired servicemembers from either the Navy or the Marine Corps. The council reports to the Secretary of the Navy and holds quarterly meetings.

“Tim’s experience transitioning from an active-duty Marine Corps career to WPS employee will be incredibly valuable to the Department of the Navy,” said Rob Palmer, Senior Vice President of Government Relations for WPS. “Additionally, the perspective he gains from serving on the Navy and Marine Corps Retiree Council will help WPS better serve veterans and military retirees through our government contracts, as well as our efforts to recruit and retain military veterans into our workforce.”

The Retiree Council was established to consider issues of significant importance to retired military personnel and their families. This council facilitates communication between the Departments of the Navy and Marine Corps and military retirees, reviews the effectiveness of current programs, and makes recommendations regarding privileges, benefits, assistance, and other matters. La Sage will serve on at least one subcommittee.

“I retired in October of 2015,” La Sage said. “When talking about my military career, I express that the scariest thing I did was get out. Retirees no longer have a unit and chain of command to assist them.” He adds that he looks forward to serving on this important committee to help veterans make a smooth transition to civilian life.

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