Wisconsin Medical Society: Statement on Evers veto

Contact: Mark Grapentine, JD – Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer
[email protected]

The following statement pertaining to this morning’s political press conference on the veto of nursing independence legislation can be attributed to Society Board of Directors Chair Jerry Halverson, MD:

“Wisconsin’s excellent health care system is rooted in physician-led, team-based care. Physicians have the broadest and deepest education and training in the health care world, which greatly benefits patients.

“This session, numerous physician groups attempted to work with nurses on a potential legislative compromise. In early spring we thought we were very close to a deal, but the nurse lobbying groups walked away from the table. Now that their bill was vetoed, they’ve unfortunately moved on to heavy-handed political tactics. We don’t need even more politics interfering with our health care system.

“Physicians appreciate Governor Evers’ action, because it recognizes that physicians are the key to high quality care. Medical school and residency training matters – especially to our patients.”