Wisconsin Federation for Children: Over 500 families send 1,500 emails to legislators in support of school choice bills

Milwaukee, Wisc. February 16, 2022 — In the last week, over 500 Wisconsin families have sent more than 1,500 emails to their lawmakers in support of new bills that would expand parental school choice program access and parental rights in education. 

These bills include LRB-4713-1 and LRB-5987-1, AB 963, AB 967, AB 968 and AB 970, which are part of the larger Empowering Parents K-12 Education Reform Package currently in the State Assembly.

LRB-4713-1 and LRB-5987/- open school choice to all Wisconsin families by removing state enrollment caps, family income limits, and grade entry points. In addition, for families in traditional K-12 public schools, this legislation creates a state “micro-ESA” program that would allow parents and students to seek additional educational options by funding an additional class or educational opportunity per semester.

“More and more parents are looking for alternative educational options that best meet the needs of their family,” says American Federation for Children – Wisconsin State Director Justin Moralez. “Together, these bills would expand eligibility and access to the choice program for more working class families across the state.”

A recent poll by Remington Research Group shows that 71% of eligible Milwaukee voters agree that parents should have the right to choose between public, charter and voucher schools. Another recent poll by City Forward Collective finds that 56% of Milwaukeeans have favorable perceptions of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, a significant year-over-year increase that highlights increasing bipartisan support for school choice.

To write a letter to your legislator in support of educational choice, visit: https://p2a.co/tDfkwHj