The Village CBD: When prices everywhere are going up CBD store lowers price on one of a kind relief topical by 20%

Named one of the top three CBD stores by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Top Choice Awards”, The Village CBD and Wellness Shoppe in Downtown Greendale has just introduced CBDeep, the strongest and deepest absorbing CBD topical for relieving joint and muscle discomfort. Just call it the best!

How can CBDeep claim to be the best? There are two reasons. The first is because of Lipoderm, the base cream which is scientifically proven and peer reviewed  to be the most penetrating transdermal cream available. Until now Lipoderm, which penetrates deeper than any other lotion, cream or salve, was only available to hospitals and pharmacies. Until now. The Father Son duo of Dave and Paul Bruno who operate the shop have been granted exclusive access to infuse Lipoderm with cannabis to deliver CBD deeper to sore joints, muscles, and other areas of discomfort.  The second reason is because there is 3000 mg of CBD in a 2 ounce jar, an amount that is substantially more than other topicals on the market.

You might think a premium product would command a premium price. Not so. A two ounce jar of CBDeep sells for only $60.  A check of other CBD topicals on the market will show you what a great price $60 is for 3000 mg with superior absorption. “ With gas and food prices rising everyone is cutting back so we decided to offer the best product on the market at an affordable price so it’s available to more than just a few” Paul said.

“Being part of a growing family business and watching how much Paul has worked to make this product a reality that will really help people has been truly a joy to watch,” Dave says. “The feedback has been amazing and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Being more than just a CBD store, in addition to selling CBDeep the Bruno’s offer a line of high potency supplements, PEMF technology, copper water bottles, earthing/grounding mats and more! The online store is Their expertise is wide ranging from how to rebab injuries, the power of thought, diet, nutrition and much much more. They’re always happy to help!