Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation: New CBD beverage mix business opens in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN COUNTY, WI — The Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) and Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UW-Green Bay aim to provide a wide variety of services, resources, and expertise to help encourage entrepreneurial opportunities in Sheboygan County, including food and beverage-based businesses that bring new and exciting opportunities to the community.

With the assistance of the SCEDC and SBDC, Justin Hopf and Matt Swanson opened Drinkin’ Buds, a new beverage mix business with a focus on hemp and CBD infused products in Sheboygan, WI. Hopf and Swanson founded Drinkin’ Buds with the goal of combining Wisconsin’s rich history in hemp production and one of the state’s most cherished drinks, the old fashioned.

From seed to finished product, Drinkin’ Buds is fully involved in the production of their mixes. Their products eliminate the need for multiple ingredients, allowing customers to easily combine their mixes with alcohol to create a one-of-a-kind beverage. Drinkin’ Buds is extremely passionate about their products and spends a significant amount of time refining their recipes with the perfect blend of ingredients.

Hopf said, “Drinkin’ buds is passionate about bringing the benefits of CBD to the masses through one of the oldest and most traditional forms: sharing a drink with buds. Drinkin’ Buds breaks down the barriers for everyday people to enjoy the benefits of CBD at their favorite restaurant or as a nightcap in the comfort of their own home.”

SCEDC business counselor Ray York played a key role in connecting Hopf and Swanson with other business specialists and providing them with the necessary resources to make Drinkin’ Buds a reality in Sheboygan County.

“We have been working with Ray York, and he has been fantastic to work with. As first-time business owners, we had no idea these resources were even available,” Swanson said. “Ray has helped us forge several contacts with industry experts that otherwise would have been very difficult to forge. The SCEDC is always available to help us with questions that arise as our company grows.”

Long-term goals for Drinkin’ Buds include increasing customer trust in CBD and cannabis-infused drinks and expanding their business and products to local and national grocery stores.

“We are most excited about the growth potential of the Brand,” Hopf said. “Our products are absolutely unique to the market, and we know the CBD/cannabis beverage market is expected to grow immensely over the next 5 years. That growth will allow us to continue to expand our product offerings.”