Shea Electric & Communications: Partners with Wilson Electronics on solution for dropped calls, poor data coverage

OSHKOSH, Wis. — Imagine sitting in a hospital at the side of a loved one and not being able to call or text anyone or working in a metal or brick building and your cellphone cuts in and out. These situations happen every day as certain building materials prevent cell signals from entering and leaving the building.

Shea Electric & Communications, LLC of Oshkosh is partnering with Wilson Electronics, a developer of mobile, in-building and machine-to-machine (IoT) applications, on 5G booster installation to ensure coverage within all buildings. The booster is agnostic, so it works with all cellular carriers.

“We have all been there. You’re in a building made of metal, steel, thick concrete or brick and your phone just doesn’t work,” said Dan Shea, owner of Shea Electric & Communications LLC. “For many of us, it’s just an inconvenience, but in some cases it may be serious. You may need to reach someone, but you can’t get through.”

UV windows and construction products such as brick, concrete, metal and stone make your building more energy efficient, but those same materials can block cell coverage from entering your building, Shea continued.

A 5G booster corrects the problem by using an outside antenna to capture cell tower signals, the booster receives that signal and amplifies it 32 times before sending it to inside antennas, which broadcast the boosted 5G signal to devices in the building.

“The 5G booster is an ideal solution for those dropped calls, poor call quality and low cellular data speeds,” Shea said. “5G has become ubiquitous and people expect it to be everywhere.”

Shea Electric & Communications LLC will work with an organization to assess its building’s needs and then apply a solution from Wilson Electronics, a Utah-based company that has sold more than 2.1 million products to improve cell signal coverage.

“Every building is unique, and we can draft a plan to meet your needs,” Shea said.