Public Service Commission: Creates interactive mapping tool tracking broadband expansion grants

MADISON – The Public Service Commission (PSC or Commission) recently unveiled the Broadband Grant Footprint, a new interactive mapping tool for Wisconsinites to see the location of broadband expansion grant projects statewide. This tool shows where in the state projects are being built that were awarded broadband grant funding by the Commission.

“The Broadband Grant Footprint offers a profound visual of the progress we have made here in Wisconsin to expand access to reliable, high-speed internet,” said Chairperson Rebecca Cameron Valcq. “Since 2019, we’ve worked to connect 387,000 homes and businesses—this tool captures the success of the Broadband Grant Program and proves that our recent investments are making a real difference across the state.”

Wisconsinites can search for broadband grant projects in their area by performing an address search and navigating the map. Grant projects can be looked at individually and in groups based on the grant round and technology type. A swipe bar tool is available to view completed projects separately from all projects under construction. Users can move the swipe bar to the right to view all completed projects and to the left to view all awarded projects.

The PSC’s Wisconsin Broadband Office created this resource to show the Broadband Expansion Grant Program at work in Wisconsin. Since Governor Evers took office in 2019, Wisconsin has disbursed or committed nearly $300 million towards expanding broadband, including $105 million in federal funding directed by the governor. State and federal funds allocated under Governor Evers for broadband grants have provided or will provide more than 387,000 homes and businesses access to new or improved services.

“The Broadband Grant Footprint is yet another way the Public Service Commission is demonstrating our commitment to transparency and a process that fully engages the public,” concluded Chairperson Valcq. “We are proud of the work accomplished in the last few years and look forward to building off of these results.”

The PSC’s Wisconsin Broadband Office is a national leader in broadband expansion. In August 2022, Wisconsin’s Broadband Office was named “Best in Class” by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for “clear documentation of their application and award processes”. Wisconsin’s long running and nationally renowned grant program continues to successfully improve the lives of everyday Wisconsinites.