Petroleum Equipment Inc.: Joe Barker named president of Petroleum Equipment Inc.

Milwaukee – Petroleum Equipment Inc., a leader in the Midwest petroleum and chemical storage industry for nine decades, has named Joe Barker as President and Owner of the fourth-generation, family-owned business.

PEI focuses on designing mission-critical fuel systems to protect end users and the
environment, safeguarding from leaks, fire, and contamination. Founded in 1932 by Bill
Morgan, the company has since operated under continual family leadership, surviving the test of time while weathering storms of change in the petrochemical industry.

“I am proud and honored to represent the fourth generation of family ownership of our
business,” said Barker, son-in-law of Tom Hyslop, who led the company for four decades. “Family is an essential part of the PEI culture and will continue to play a crucial role in building the organization. Our team looks forward to continuing the traditions of craftsmanship, safety and value in service to our customers.”

PEI has adapted to maintain the highest-quality service and equipment through the decades, all while staying abreast of ever-changing state and federal regulations. The company serves a wide range of market segments, including aviation, health care and government, plus a multitude of companies that store and utilize large volumes of fuels or chemicals.

Its impact goes far beyond installing and maintaining mission-critical fuel systems, though.

PEI’s vital, often life-saving service is about lights staying on and medical equipment working at hospitals during power outages, or keeping planes in the air. Failure is not an option. Its infrastructure maintenance protects first responders, medical personnel, and all who shield citizens and the community.

Quality installation and service are foundations of PEI’s 90 years of success. Studies have shown that fewer than 4 percent of family-run businesses survive to the fourth generation.

“All of us at PEI are excited to roll up our sleeves and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of us,” Barker said. “We are committed to continuing our company’s 90-year tradition of excellence while providing the highest level of service to our customers and this community.”

More information about Petroleum Equipment Inc. is available by calling (414) 466-3000 or visiting