OPEIU Local 39: Contract Negotiations at CUNA Mutual Group

CUNA Mutual Group proposes zero job security, to eliminate the HMO medical plan, freeze pension for new hires, and wage adjustments far below inflation in the latest negotiations, despite record profits. OPEIU workers to continue picketing outside main headquarters on 5810 Mineral Point Road – Saturday May 21st, 11am-1pm

On May 1st more than 125 CUNA Mutual Group Employees and community supporters held an informational picket outside of CUNA Mutual Group Headquarters at 5810 Mineral Point Road due to the lack of movement shown by the Company at the negotiating table.

OPEIU has been in contract negotiations with CMG since February 7 th but there has been very little movement between the parties. CMG, one of the largest private sector employers in Madison, WI made record setting profits in 2021 (over $590 million net profit, a billion over three years). CMG proudly states to their clients that they are in the business of “Helping people, protect, invest, and plan for the future” but refuses to provide the same securities to their own employees.

The membership of OPEIU is proposing long-term job security while maintaining their HMO medical insurance and pension plan. CMG has a twenty-year history of outsourcing, transferring, and contracting out bargaining unit work. Since 2002, CMG has outsourced, transferred, and contracted over 1200 union jobs. That is 1200 less jobs in the city of Madison and the surrounding area. As a large private sector employer in Madison, CMG has walked away from its commitment to the city and the community by eliminating jobs, putting to question whether CMG is a premier employer and is committed to the community by way of good sustaining jobs, with good wages and benefits. The Company has also proposed to freeze the pension plan for new hires and eliminate the HMO healthcare plan that a majority of members and their families utilize for care.

Joe Evica, the Chief Steward of the OPEIU Local 39 bargaining unit at CMG, states “wages and benefits are very important to our members but none of these things matter if our members don’t have jobs. Our members have shown their unwavering commitment to CMG which has made the employer very profitable, year over year. It is long past due that the employer returns that commitment to our members with long-term job security, maintaining the current healthcare and pension, and wages that adjust for inflation.”