New Resources Consulting: Announces strategic partnership with Mission Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI (May 9, 2022)—New Resources Consulting, a Milwaukee-based technology consulting firm, has announced a strategic partnership with veteran-owned talent attraction company Mission Wisconsin to actively recruit military and veteran talent for jobs in the information technology sector. 

With more than 200,000 service members transitioning from active duty every year, New Resources Consulting will work side-by-side with Mission Wisconsin to market and connect with a highly skilled talent pipeline across the world about career opportunities, building brand awareness and expanding recruitment options to meet workforce needs. New Resources Consulting is a leader in the IT and technology consultation industry and will work with Mission Wisconsin to source candidates, targeting technologies like Oracle and Microsoft and recruiting for careers in everything from software development and infrastructure support to project management and data services.

“We believe that veterans constitute an untapped, highly valuable network,” said NRC President and CEO Mark Grosskopf of the partnership. “Hard-working and dedicated, veterans possess impressive skillsets, valuable experience, and incredible work ethic that we think would translate well in the IT field.” NRC Vice President of Strategic Accounts Don Weber, who is also a former Army Reservist, will be spearheading the initiative. 

Mission Wisconsin LLC, launched in July of 2020, is a talent attraction company focusing solely on the military/veteran family, offering support through transition for families to meet civilian career goals and lifestyle expectations. Headquartered in Wisconsin, the best state in the nation for veterans, it helps service members navigate the last mile of transition while consulting with employers about Veteran Ready efforts they can adopt to strengthen their visibility among those communities it serves. 

“Mission Wisconsin is excited to be partnering with NRC to help the military family transition to the great state of Wisconsin,” said Steven Janke, Founder & CEO of Mission Wisconsin. “We are looking forward to providing this pathway to the military community into multiple sectors of IT and creating upskilling programs that help those who have served and their families connect with quality employment.”

The partnership will revolve around identifying and placing veterans in successful positions within the IT sector; it will also include future collaboration on recruitment and training programs, as well as military and veteran program development. 

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About Mission Wisconsin

Our vision is to help Wisconsin employers connect with transitioning service members, spouses, and veterans through direct connection with them. Please contact Mission Wisconsin’s Steven Janke at 608.697.6936 or [email protected] with any media inquiries. To learn more about Mission Wisconsin’s military/veteran talent attraction services, please visit