Mobcraft Beer: Partners with Mega Beer LLC to expand distribution of their award-winning portfolio to Minnesota

MILWAUKEE, WI-  MobCraft Beer is partnering with Mega Beer LLC to bring their beer portfolio to Minnesota cities such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, St. Cloud, Moorehead and many others. Award-winning brands such as Bat$h!t Crazy Coffee Brown Ale, Low pHunk Sour Ale and Sour Golden Ale will be available in Minnesota starting in April 2022 along with a variety of seasonal and unique crowdsourced beers. 

Since opening in 2013, the Milwaukee-based craft brewery has grown its distribution footprint every year. “Minnesotans and Wisconsinites may disagree on their favorite football team but there is one thing that they both can agree on, a well brewed beer enjoyed with good friends. MobCraft is excited to bring our award-winning, unique take on craft brewing to the great state of Minnesota. Minnesotans will love our Sour & Wild beers as well as our innovative crowdsourced beer,” says Vince Undis, Head of Distribution Sales at MobCraft.

MobCraft Beer is currently distributed throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Northern Illinois.

Mega Beer LLC of Eau Claire, WI has carved out an impressive portfolio of craft breweries from Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. “Mega Beer is excited to be bringing MobCraft Beer to Minnesota! This well-established Milwaukee brand is sure to have many great offerings for the craft beer enthusiasts of its neighboring state. It is always fun to bring in new beers from good people,” says Justin Strayer, Owner of Mega Beer. 

The distribution expansion to Minnesota is part of MobCraft’s ambitious growth plans which includes the opening of three new taprooms in Denver, CO; Waterford, WI and Woodstock, IL. Renovations in Denver are currently underway with a scheduled opening date of April 2022. Waterford plans to open in the fall of 2022 and Woodstock in 2023.