MLG Capital: Closes most successful year to date with acquisition, equity milestones and launch of innovative charitable initiative

Brookfield, Wis. (January 6, 2022) – As it celebrates its 35th anniversary in January of 2022, MLG Capital – a national leader in diversified private commercial real estate investments ­­– has closed its most successful year to date, exceeding $1 billion in CRE acquisitions. In addition to its acquisition milestones, in 2021 MLG Capital surpassed $1 billion in historically invested equity since its inception in 1987.

“MLG has now historically invested in over $3.7 billion of transactions, which is the total of sold assets and the estimated current value of current investments. This figure represents approximately 30,000,000 commercial square feet of assets, inclusive of nearly 25,000 multifamily apartment units across 19 states,” said David Binder, Vice President of MLG Capital.

2021 was a significant year for a firm that has seen exponential growth in the last decade. The Wisconsin-based firm acquired more than 7 million square feet of property, inclusive of nearly 6,900 apartment units across 37 multifamily properties and five commercial assets last year. Properties were acquired in 10 states across the Midwest, Southeast, South Central and Southwest regions.

Much of this rapid growth and success can be attributed to the firm’s diversified fund strategies, which originally launched in 2012 and provides investors the opportunity to participate in portfolios of real estate assets vs individual deals. Investors can participate in MLG Funds via cash investments, retirement, foundation or endowment monies or even property contributions. The firm’s funds include thousands of investors representing nearly all 50 states.

MLG opened its latest fund, MLG Private Fund V LLC (Fund V), in January 2021 with an equity raise goal of $300 million. That fund is already two-thirds raised and is on pace to close well ahead of schedule in summer 2022.

“Investor support and trust has been key to our growth, and we are very pleased with our successes of 2021 and the momentum of Fund V,” said Binder. “We are encouraged about the market opportunities that exist, and we are continuing to focus on finding smart real estate deals across the country that produce strong returns for our investors. Our dedication to transparency, absolute integrity and making a difference while making a living shine bright with those investors we are fortunate to work with.”

Based on the rapid equity raise of Private Fund V and robust Q1 2022 acquisition pipeline, MLG Capital anticipates that it will launch its next fund, likely to be named MLG Private Fund VI, in Q3 of 2022.

A core tenant at MLG Capital is “Making a Difference While Making a Living.” To that end, in 2021 the firm also proudly launched its innovative Making a Difference (MAD) Initiative. The program allows investors to contribute a portion of their Private Fund V investment returns to a charitable organization.

Up to 10 percent ($30 million) of Private Fund V has been earmarked for the MAD Initiative. The MAD Initiative expanded in October 2021 and has already had $3 million in investor commitments, with many others interested. For their part, investors agree to donate any profits above a 6 percent return to a charity. Additionally, MLG Capital has committed to giving 100 percent of its profits from MAD allocations to the charitable organizations. Together, these commitments have the potential to yield millions of dollars for charity.

The six beneficiaries of the MAD Initiative for Fund V are SecureFuturesMilwaukee College PrepSt. Marcus SchoolAugustine PrepDr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy and Lifesong for Orphans, all of which are organizations that are faith-based or have a focus on youth education.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with several of our local beneficiary organizations, and I know firsthand the value they provide to youth across the City of Milwaukee,” said Jade Hendricks, Investor Relations Associate and Board Chair of MLG Cares. “This program allows investors to maintain their current investment and retirement strategy, while contributing a portion of their returns to deserving organizations that will make a difference in our community. The concept, pioneered by our CEO Tim Wallen, truly speaks to our human centric, creative and entrepreneurial mindset as an organization.”  

As it celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and looks ahead to the future, MLG will continue to focus on its successful fund strategy and “smart deal” approach, investing in deals with diversity in geographic, asset class and asset types, and targeting tax-efficient income to investors via cash-on-cash distributions and appreciation over time.