Midwestern BioAg: Partners with Growers Edge and The Nature Conservancy to help growers implement warranty-backed sustainability crop plan

BLUE MOUNDS, WIS. AND JOHNSTON, IA – Growers Edge, a provider of data-driven financial technology (fintech) solutions for the agricultural industry, announced today a new partnership with Midwestern BioAg® and The Nature Conservancy to introduce a sustainability-focused, warranty-backed, agronomic offer.

“Bringing innovative, sustainability-focused agronomic solutions to growers is key in achieving optimum soil productivity and protecting natural resources for success in today’s volatile marketplace,” says Gaji Balakaneshan, Chief Operating Officer of Midwestern BioAg. “Our unique partnership delivers a crop plan that features Midwestern BioAg’s holistic soil health approach and benefits soils, water quality, and nutrient management.”

Growers Edge joined forces with Midwestern BioAg and The Nature Conservancy to design an offer that addresses a grower’s concerns when adopting regenerative practices. When growers follow the practices outlined in the Midwestern BioAg Sustainability Challenge, they receive a warranty-backed performance guarantee to help reduce the risk of adopting regenerative practices. The Nature Conservancy is contributing financial and technical support to the crop plan offerings, which include improved nutrient management and the establishment of cover crops. 

“Building the regenerative capacity of our cropland is more important now than ever before,” said Greg Fishbein, Director of Agriculture Finance at The Nature Conservancy. “Collaborating with industry leaders to create innovative solutions that address the challenges farmers are facing is the best way to improve soil health and water quality in our agricultural system.”

Growers Edge partners with agricultural input suppliers, retailers and other organizations across the U.S. to deliver grower-relevant financial technology solutions to meet the ag industry’s ever-changing demands. In 2021, the company announced its first sustainability-focused Crop Plan and deployed its new end-to-end embedded financing platform for the ag industry.

“Our partnership with Midwestern BioAg and The Nature Conservancy brings to market an innovative and high-performing data-driven sustainability offer,” said Todd Robran, Regional Sales Manager at Growers Edge. “We are excited to provide retailers and growers with solutions that build a more resilient future for agriculture and our world.”

Growers interested in participating in the Midwestern BioAg Sustainability Challenge can learn more at www.midwesternbioag.com or by contacting their sales representative.