Manydeeds Law: Veteran attorneys open new law office in Eau Claire

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — Two attorneys highly experienced in civil litigation have established a new firm in Eau Claire.

Manydeeds Law, at 1119 Regis Court, handles cases in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, civil settlements, business law, real estate law and mediations/arbitration.

Ed Manydeeds is a graduate of the UW-Superior and UW-Madison Law School. His nephew, John E. Manydeeds, is a graduate of University of Minnesota-Duluth and UW-Madison Law School.

The Manydeeds work closely on cases to ensure the client is represented well.

“We make a good team that will listen to our clients and do whatever is necessary for them to get justice,” John Manydeeds said.

Besides vigorous advocacy on behalf of clients, Manydeeds Law also strives to ensure that the client understands the legal proceedings during each phase of the case.

“I believe people appreciate it when professionals they seek information from are able to break down a concept and explain it in terms that are easily understood,” Ed Manydeeds said.

More information is available at or call (534) 444-3118 to schedule a consultation.