Main Street Alliance: Small business owners react to State of the State address

MADISON, WI— Main Street Alliance of Wisconsin was excited to join Governor Tony Evers for the State of the State address last night. We were also delighted to be able to visit with State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski before the program kicked off.

Thank you Treasurer Godlewski for taking the time to talk with some awesome local small businesses and your leadership on issues like paid leave for all and child care! 

Here’s our reaction to the State of the State:

“What we heard last night was a plan to keep building on the progress of the past 3 years. Gov. Evers and his administration has invested $1 billion in federal funds into supporting small businesses, Main Streets, farmers, and our tourism, lodging, and entertainment industries that were hit particularly hard by the pandemic,” said Shawn Phetteplace, Midwest Regional Manager for the Main Street Alliance. 

“Furthermore, over 100,000 small businesses have received grant support during the pandemic, the largest on a per capita basis of any state in the country. The Badger Bounceback grant program has helped 3,000 businesses start up on Main Streets across our state. There are members of Main Street Alliance who’s businesses were saved by these grants due to the impact of the pandemic. There is so much more to do but this is a great foundation to build on for the Badger Bounceback.” 

Two days ago, Senator Roger Roth, working with out-of-state lobbyists such as Grover Norquist and in-state big business special interest groups, introduced the repeal of the state income tax. This is bad for small business. Here’s a thread by Tamarine Cornelius from the Wisconsin Budget Project on why.

This proposal should not have ever seen the light of day and should be defeated. Want to see what happens when it’s attempted? Just look at Kansas.

So what does small business actually need?

Badgercare expansion, with a public option

Paid Leave

Support for Childcare

More Unrestricted Grants

“One Stop Shop” Online Portal