Main Street Alliance: Says expand Badgercare, don’t cut it to hurt workers and small biz

Main Street Alliance has this to say on the proposal by the WI Senate and Assembly Republicans on Workforce Development:

“These ideas to punish workers by stripping them of unemployment insurance, healthcare and food for their families, including children, are deeply misguided. With the Wisconsin unemployment rate sitting at 3% and with major structural barriers for families, this is not the solution to our workforce challenges.

Main Street Alliance and our small business members know that expanding Badgercare, making it easier for workers to increase hours as a result, investing in workforce development programs championed by Governor Evers and continuing public health efforts to reduce COVID rates are much better steps we can take to help address workforce shortages.

The Wisconsin legislative majority has the opportunity to expand Badgercare and help small businesses across our state. We urge them to do so as soon as possible.”