Main Street Alliance: Members celebrate passage of AB901, urge swift Senate action

Bill would regulate 3rd party delivery companies and ensure restaurants, bars and other food service companies are treated fairly

Madison, WI – Main Street Alliance of Wisconsin is relieved to see the passage of Assembly Bill 901, a bill prohibiting 3rd party delivery services from listing restaurants on their platform unless they have written consent from the restaurant operator.

This bill is not perfect but it’s a good first step to get out of control predatory corporate behavior under control. If you want to read the extent of the negative impact of abusive practices by companies like GrubHub, UberEats and others check out this humorous story about the Crystal Corner from TONE Madison: “The Crystal Corner Bar’s very brief, very fake adventures in haute cuisine”.

We urge the Senate to take swift action on this legislation and send it to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

What some Main Street Alliance members are saying about why this legislation is badly needed:

Chef Patrick DePula, Salvatore’s Tomato Pies and DarkHorse Art Bar

“Third party delivery services can be useful when a partnership exists between the restaurant and the delivery company.  Too many times my restaurants have been included on these services without permission, offering an outdated menu that leads to customer confusion and disappointment.  Making matters worse, it takes multiple time consuming attempts to eventually have your listing removed, only for it to appear again in a few weeks or a month.  This bill provides needed protections for both small business and consumers and is a step in the right direction.”

Chef AJ Dixon, Lazy Susan MKE 

“I have been a victim of the menu in Uber eats. This bill is long over do and a really good thing to do. It is challenging when your menu( and most often the wrong menu) is added without knowledge or permission. Then the folks working for Uber eats or door dash are non existent to get a hold off and try to bully you in the phone to add you to their delivery.”