Main Street Alliance: Main Street Alliance + small biz calls for co-sponsorship of “One-Stop Business Portal”

MADISON, WI— Main Street Alliance is thrilled that LRB-5904: Go Big for Small Business has been introduced by  Representatives Robyn Vining, Francesca Hong, Kalan Haywood, Deb Andraca, Samba Baldeh, Senators Melissa Agard and Brad Pfaff.

On the new portal, business owners will be able to access information on bidding opportunities, economic development programs, educational and networking opportunities, licensing or permit requirements, and taxes and fees associated with their businesses. 

This will save time and ensure that small business owners are able to easily navigate the Wisconsin State Government. We need to go big for small business in Wisconsin! 

We call upon members of the state legislature to co-sponsor LRB-5904 by the Wednesday deadline and for the Governor to sign it once it hits his desk. 

We also urge the Assembly Committee on Small Business Development to schedule a meeting to take up this legislation as soon as possible. Small Business owners need action to get it done. 

From our Main Street Alliance members on why this is such a huge deal: 

Irene Strobheen, owner of Strohbeen and Associates, Appleton 

“It’s hard enough to establish and manage a small business. This portal would make it so much easier for business owners to find the resources and state agencies needed, demonstrating Wisconsin’s support to small businesses.”

Chef Dan Jacobs, owner of Dan Dan in Milwaukee

“A more streamlined process to opening your business helps everyone get back to work, generate revenue, and that includes the state.” 

Becky Cooper Clancy, owner of Bounce MKE

“The biggest challenge to opening a new business is tracking down information from different sources and agencies. Having a clearinghouse for resources and information would streamline the process for entrepreneurs and accelerate business growth throughout the state.”

Chef Dave Heide, owner of Liliana’s and Little John’s, Madison

“Why have we created barriers, and additional hurdles for small businesses, when we already have so much to do, with such limited time and resources.  This bill is going to be at least a small way to say “we support small business in Wisconsin, and want to help you to succeed”.

Chef-Owner Patrick DePula, Salvatore’s Tomato Pies and Dark Horse Art Bar Madison 

“This legislation is long overdue.  Small business has historically been overlooked while we spend enormous resources on big business with dubious returns…this bill is definitely a step in the right direction.” 

Chef AJ Dixon, Lazy Susan MKE , Milwaukee 

“As a small business owner myself, having a ‘one stop shop for all’ would have been imperative when I had first opened. Giving much needed tools in a more accessible way to small businesses ensures a better path to success.”