Main Street Alliance: Dan Jacobs, owner of Dan Dan and Fool’s Errand calls for passage of AB717 and replenishment of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

MADISON- WI. — Main Street Alliance of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Leadership Team member Dan Jacobs of Dan Dan and Fool’s Errand joined over 160 Main Street Alliance member businesses to call for passage of Assembly 717, which would exempt from taxes Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants, and to call for swift replenishment of the fund for businesses who were left out.

“Restaurants right now are hurting… more than 3,000 restaurants in Wisconsin alone didn’t receive crucial grants. More than 40% of those restaurants have been forced to lay off employees, and 28% of them are facing potential evictions. Assembly Bill 717 would help provide critical support for those who did receive these grants but we also can’t leave behind others who are eligible but did not have their grant application funded”, Said Jacobs. 

“Furthermore, I urge the Joint Finance Committee to vote out AB717 and for the Governor to sign it when it gets to his desk. The Governor has already provided over $550 million in small business grants– which we deeply appreciate– but there is still more work to do. We urge the legislature to step up as well to help small business in Wisconsin.”

You can listen to Dan in a recent interview with 88.9, Radio Milwaukee, on This Bites.

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