Loftus & Eisenberg: Opens Wisconsin office

Loftus & Eisenberg, Ltd. is a six-attorney litigation boutique firm focusing on complex litigation using an alternative fee-based model, primarily on a contingent fee basis. The firm’s Wisconsin practice is led by attorneys originally from Evansville, Janesville, and Madison, Wisconsin who have gained decades of big firm experience in cases that span the United States, but remain focused in the Midwest. We are thrilled to announce our expanded footprint covering Southern Wisconsin.

“We’ve been handling cases nationwide for many years and had great successes in Wisconsin long before establishing a footprint here. There are far fewer lawyers in Wisconsin willing to share risk or take on professional malpractice cases than there are in Illinois, so it made business sense to go home to Wisconsin,” said Alexander Loftus.

Our firm offers numerous alternative fee arrangements based on what is best for each client’s unique case and goals that vary from a pure flat fee, a set recurring payment or retainer, as well as both a partial and a pure contingent fee where no legal fees are owed by the clients unless we reclaim assets or funds. We are one of a tiny handful of firms partnering with clients this way in Wisconsin.

We have built our business knowing that results are what matter, not the time spent on them and clients can feel certain that they are receiving the most insistent and resourceful legal representation available throughout Southern Wisconsin.

Our attorneys’ successes in Wisconsin, prior to opening this office, include:

  • $10,000,000+ legal malpractice settlement of complex intellectual property claim.
  • $3,750,000 settlement against an international law firm for fraud and legal malpractice on behalf of a large wireless carrier litigated in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • $205,000 Accounting malpractice claim resolved via arbitration against an Oconomowoc firm
  • $630,000 settlement of Breach of fiduciary duty and landlord tenant dispute pending in Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • $500,000 insurance policy limit settlement for Rock County, Wisconsin negligent entrustment claim
  • Confidential settlement of legal malpractice claim against a Janesville, Wisconsin attorney who’s client was wrongfully imprisoned for three months

 Our Wisconsin office will focus its efforts initially on select practice areas:  Legal Malpractice, Accounting Malpractice, Employment Discrimination, Intellectual Property, Securities Litigation, and Arbitration.