Landmark Credit Union: Brings TYME® Back to Southeastern Wisconsin

Brookfield (October 13, 2022) – For nearly 30 years, the TYME® machine was a beloved and iconic Wisconsin brand. The phrase “Where is the nearest TYME machine?” was synonymous with Wisconsinites until TYME disappeared in 2004. Now, as part of an overall member experience modernization initiative, Landmark Credit Union is bringing back TYME to Southeastern Wisconsin as it launches its new TYME Advanced ATMs across its branch network.  

In 1975 when TYME machines were first developed in Milwaukee, they were one of the leading shared electronic funds transfer (EFT) networks in the country and were truly innovative. The TYME name was short for “Take Your Money Everywhere,” and the automated teller machines (ATMs) were ubiquitous in the state. 

“As we were planning to upgrade the ATMs in our branches with next gen ATMs, we knew we wanted them to be distinctive both from a visual and brand perspective and easily identifiable by our members,” says Brian Melter, Chief Experience Officer for Landmark Credit Union. “We decided to pursue TYME because it was a part of the fabric of Wisconsin and was an engaging way to bring back an iconic brand while also showcasing the latest ATM technology that delivers modern capabilities and conveniences that we believe our members will really appreciate. We felt having TYME machines would spark great memories that would make visiting a Landmark Credit Union branch and using these machines a bit more fun.”  

While many Landmark Credit Union members have shifted to digital and mobile banking, each month Landmark branches process more than 100,000 ATM transactions with millions of dollars being deposited and withdrawn.

TYME Advanced ATM

The TYME Advanced ATMs found at Landmark Credit Union aren’t in any way like the green screen TYME machines of the past. Instead, the ATMs feature superior, 21st century capabilities that make branch banking faster and more convenient.  

Based on an analysis of its member activities, Landmark Credit Union anticipates the majority will use the TYME Advanced ATMs for three primary functions – cash and check deposits, cash withdrawals and loan or credit card payments (which can be made with any combination of cash, checks or transfer of funds from other accounts).  

The entire suite of TYME Advanced ATM functions includes the ability to:

  • Deposit multiple denominations of cash
  • Deposit multiple checks
  • Deposit a combination of cash and checks in a single transaction
  • Withdraw cash in the denomination of the member’s choice
  • Make loan and credit card payments by transfer, cash or check or any combination thereof
  • Print a statement snapshot
  • Check account and loan balances
  • Move money between accounts
  • Easily request on-demand Virtual Teller assistance
  • Choose to conduct transactions in English or Spanish 

TYME Rollout

During the next six months, the current ATMs at every Landmark branch will be replaced with modern TYME Advanced ATMs. Some branches will receive additional machines in their drive-thru lanes and lobbies.  

While the machines offer some of the easiest interfaces (in both English and Spanish) to perform even complex transactions, Landmark Credit Union associates will provide personal on-site assistance to help familiarize members with the TYME Advanced ATMs as they are introduced at each location. In addition, for exterior TYME Advanced ATMs, Virtual Teller assistance is available at the touch of an on-screen “Help” button so that a live teller via video can assist the member as needed.   

Three advanced ATMs were installed at Landmark Credit Union’s Oak Creek branch at 8129 S. Howell Ave. in mid-September as part of a soft launch. They were kept incognito without TYME branding but as of October 14 those machines will sport the TYME brand that many Wisconsinites know and love.


Beginning on October 25, three TYME Advanced ATMs will be installed at the Germantown branch at N96 W17480 County Line Rd.

In November, eight Landmark Credit Union locations will receive their TYME machines: Oconomowoc at 955 Lexington Dr.; West Bend at 1526 S. Main St.; Brookfield at 19600 W. Bluemound Rd. and 13600 W. Greenfield Ave.; Bay View at 2797 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Burlington at 973 Milwaukee Ave.; and Racine at 3413 Rapids Dr. and 6129 Washington, Ave.

In December, branches in Racine at 1931 Grove Ave., Juneau at 146 S. Main St., West Milwaukee at 4501 W. National Ave., and 4000 S. 27th St. in Milwaukee will get their TYME Advanced ATMs. 

The Branch and ATM Locator at will show where TYME Advanced ATMs have been installed as the rollout continues into 2023 with all remaining branches scheduled to receive the updated machines.

How to Use TYME

The full functionality of TYME Advanced ATMs can only be used by Landmark Credit Union members, and it takes just $5 to open a VIP savings account at Landmark. Non-members can still make cash withdrawals from the TYME Advanced ATMs.

For members who want to fully immerse themselves in TYME nostalgia, the credit union is offering a retro TYME card design that will be available to order in mid-November.

Landmark Credit Union is encouraging anyone and everyone to stop by a drive up TYME machine to take a selfie and use #LandmarkCU, #TYMEWellSpent and #TYMEIsMoney for any social media posts.

“For anyone who’s not a Landmark Credit Union member, we’d love for you to join us. As a credit union, we are a not-for-profit and because of that our entire focus is on serving our members,” says Melter. “That means, we can deliver lower rates, better and more personal service and invest in technology that improves our member experience. Anyone can open an account in under six minutes at, which then opens the door to experience the robust features of the new TYME machines and our other updated capabilities.”

TYME One Element of Recent and Upcoming Technology Innovations

During the past 24 months, Landmark Credit Union has debuted a number of online and in-branch technology advances and enhancements to better serve its members.

The new technologies are simplifying everyday transactions like making deposits, transferring money, opening an account and paying friends and family.

In addition, this November, an enhanced Digital Banking experience will deliver personalized financial information and insight to members.

The Digital Banking innovations mean members:

  • Will be able to see their expenditures by category, which is helpful when evaluating where dollars are being spent and how best to manage them
  • Will have access to real-time money moving capabilities 
  • Can interact with Landmark Credit Union platforms in English and Spanish
  • Will be able to work with Landmark Credit Union professionals to open a new account more quickly, oftentimes in just six minutes
  • Will experience faster processing and approval of home and auto loans
  • Can chat with a live representative online

“It’s an exciting time at Landmark Credit Union because we’re having fun while also delivering new technologies that will benefit and assist our members both now and in the future,” says Melter.